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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video Blog Faith 21 Review Plus Makeup Tutorial

Hey! Sorry I've been gone for so long I'm Trying to perfect this video blogging and video tutorial thing! Well I did a video blog review of some items I got from Faith 21. First review is of the Rose Bloom top woven top $17.80 from Faith 21. I loved the floral pattern and all the colors. I like it but the material doesn't stretch so my boobs were slightly suffocated, but besides that I love the top and it has ruffles in the razer back ! Silken bubble hem skirt $15.80. I loved how this looked on only problem no stretch so when u sit it just pretty much rides all the way up so I'd say make sure to wear something underneath to hide your goodies! Above all I thought I got what I paid for. Truly I am thank ful for faith 21 making trendy plus size clothing very affordable! $15.80 for a skirt can we say hallelujah! Thats pretty much what I spoke about in the video. Pretty much an overview just in case I have any followers who may be hearing impaired :D.

And this is the video tutorial of the makeup Look

Eyes: Mac creme color base nude
Mac eyeshadow Nylon
Mac eyeshadow Sushi Flower
Mac eyeshadow Stars N Rockets
Mac eyeshadow Parfait Amour
Mac glitter liner in.... ill tell you later lol

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. yur so cute in the review video!! I feel you!...THATS WHY i ROCK WHAT i WANT WHEN I long as you feel good about what your wearing..the best to wear all the time CONFIDENCE!

  2. love the make up & the hair!! you look lovely!

  3. Your makeup is very nice. I do makeup looks also I would really appreciate it if you would check out my makeup posts. Tell me what you think.

  4. Thanks girlies I just noticed i said like like 200 million times i was semi nervous lol

  5. Your make up looks amazing! Any time I make videos I end up deleting them because when I watch them back, I say like at least 100 times. I do it because i'm nervous too!

  6. You're so pretty!!

    Love that skirt!

    xo Nicole

  7. I love how you look with curly hair, so pretty! You look fab with straight hair too ofcourse, I might be a little partial towards curls hehe :) Love the tutorial too, gorgeous <3

  8. cute makeup look

    having a giveaway on my blog

  9. love your blog. you have a new subbie!



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