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Sunday, June 20, 2010

OOTD Summer Romp

Sorry I've been Gone for so long! Feels like forever But I've been trying to have a more active summer and  by the time I have anytime to rest I'm completely exhausted! I have loads of pics to post and blog about tho : D I completely Missed Torrids $10 off in store sale which ended today big sad face! Grr I really love this romper This is the second time I wear it . I hate showing my arms but ugh its sooo hott and they are not gonna go away but I just might heel over if I wear a cardigan in this weather. The less clothing the better in Humid hott florida! I'm actually one of those people that feel like less clothes the better. I know shockers! You should see the looks I get especially from my mom! Shes always telling me to cover up! I was always the fat girl in the two piece at the pool and even now I don't mind showing my stomach it's there You know its there I know its there , If you don't like it dont look at me! If you think its sickening Don't Look at me! My Hubby likes it when I wear less clothes lol ! Shhh...
Ring : Jc Penny
Shoes: Torrid
Romper: Rue 21
Nails: Sally Hansen Glass Slipper
Earrings: Rue 21
I am totally in love with this ring I bought it from Jc Penny a long time ago and its such a beautiful Ring! I fell in love with this green shade from Sally Hansen! Isn't it lovely. I currently have it on hands and toes.. But for some reason having it on my toes reminds me of a witch or something... I don't know Toe Fungus? Its a fun color though!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beach Time

Beach Time I look hideous But it was like 100 degrees out and It was only me the hubby and the two kids It was our first time at the beach! with both of them! Let me tell you two kids two people beach umbrella cooler and baby accesories big work out! But I had fun We are thinking of going tomorrow I wore my bathing suit with a maxi dress from my ebay store on top I wish I had better pics but it was skorching out there! Happy Weekend !

Friday, June 11, 2010

Outfit of the day

Yesterdays Outfit of the day
Top: Faith 21 woven top
Pants: Faith 21 Hairem Pants
Cardigan: Ana cardigan From Jc Penny
Jewelry:  Betsey Johnsen Shell necklace / Random Pearl Necklace/ Rue 21 Pearl nuckle cluster ring/ Walmart 10k Gold Cameo Ring (one of my favs!) / Pearl hoops from Rue 21
Belt: Unknown... stretch belt

Wore this out doing tons of errands. Yea it was 89 Degrees out but anywhere you step into in Florida is a chilly 70 degrees or lower so I love wearing light cardigans just in case it becomes from burning hot to freezing cold. They say Fat people have built in warmth or what not in my case nope I'm ALWAYS cold! Freezing most of the time even in the summer. I think I'm semi anemic who knows I need a physical asap! I really need to update my blog layout, I need help I think I've forgotten html . I was pretty good at it when I was younger but looking at the layout code has got me frazzeled a bit!

I will also be hosting a contest soon so stay tuned! I have 65 Followers So exciting!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OOTD I Heart The White Stripes

Skirt: Faith 21
Earrings: Ross
Ring + Bangles: Rue 21
Shoes: Steve madden
Top: Rue 21

New Haircut New Color Coming soon! Yay!

One thing I really love about this skirt is that you can pretty much turn it to get a different effect I actually wore this side ways in order to get this pattern on the skirt . I had a serious case of red eye If my eyes look funny! I wore this all around town today! Felt like I looked super cute.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Black Studs Shiny Metal = Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes The 99 Shoe,Shoes for WomenJeffrey Campbell EarnestJeffrey Campbell Exam NS in Black Calf Size 9
Jeffrey Campbell Capone SFD
Jeffrey Campbell

So I am In love with Jeffrey Campbell Shoes! I am a fan of anything black, shiny made of metal or anything with studs. The studded oxford named The Capone is to die for its soo adorable and oxfords are very in this season.   The 99 shoe is to die for and for only $100 ! I love the seamless wedge look!

Open toe boots Sandals what are they! Who cares I'm In love. Jeffrey Campbell goes up to size 12 I believe ! So it's great for the ladies who have a larger foot!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ambrielle to the rescue!

So remember when I told you I was having A bra dillema. Well Here come Ambrielle to the rescue. These bras are the best. They fit like a glove and are made to keep all your parts inside. As a Full figured women it's very hard to find bras that can lift and keep you from spilling. I tried on every Ambrielle bra that Jcpenny had in stock in my size. (42 DD). I purchased three Ambrielle Bras. The Ambrielle®Woman Shaping Balconet Bra–Defy Gravity (left) This bra offers a sweetheart neckline and has lovely lace details. This is a great T-shirt Bra perfect seamless coverage for any top. It gives you a beautiful look and lifts without spillage! The Ambrielle® Woman Plunge push-up Bra $32.00 Which is the one on the right . This bra can be worn two ways Criss cross and regular. It gives you maximum cleavage without spillage. It comes in Four different colors Including this beautiful lace Pattern! Has Gold accents which give it a touch of fancyness. You will feel secure and sexy in this bra! So I am super happy all of my other bras have gone to Bra Heaven. The best part is that each Ambrielle bra has a matching bottom available for all the ladies that always match :D

FYI: I will soon be posting more OOTD I need a tripod since I have no one to hold my camera for me! Because taping onto a light fixture I have is not good! lol

Friday, June 4, 2010 event In Orlando Tonight

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mika-Big girls are beautiful

Mika- Big girls are beautiful

I really love him!

Flexees® Fat Free Dressing

Edit: Here is a picture of the actual AD. Make every day FAT-FREE Kill me now! Edit
So Yesterday I went shopping at Jcpenny and In the dressing room I saw a beautifully placed add for Flexees control wear that said FAT FREE DRESSING I said ha ha how cute! Not well talk about false advertising . Flexees I will not be fat free by wearing your control wear and I thought your ad was almost insulting. Especially in the hell of all places for a plus sized women the dressing room! As I look in the mirror I see your perfectly placed ad. How rude... No matter if i stack three of your products on I will not be fat free . I will be putting my fat in jail , in a tight uncomfortable place! Where I can't really breath where I'm uncomfortable and hoping my shirt does not pull up to show your beautiful product to the world.


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