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Friday, December 31, 2010

New York City!! I didnt the craziest thing imaginable. In 3 days I got all of my families things and moved to Ny. Without notice ,without thinking. I must say it was the smartest risk I've ever taken in my whole entire life. I have always been babied by my family almost slightly smothered by them. It was always comfortable but I decided to take a leap of faith and go with my gut instincts and there were correct. I am completely In LOVE with NYC !

Guess Plus Size Coat, Hooded Toggle Black 3XThe only problem was that coming from the sunny state of Florida with Florida wardrobe was definately a BAD idea. I got here and noticed immediately that I was going to freeze my bottom. I didn't own a real coat, snow boots, nothing not even a long pair of socks. I had to immediately go shopping for the kids , the hubby and of course myself. I fell in love with a Guess hooded toggle wool coat from Macy's I believe they are sold out but it was so complimentory to my shape . It gave me a more hour glass looking figure. Which is plus ++++ when I am shopping.I belive they are completely sold out I have it in gray not the black. I'll take pics soon Of me wearing it.

I also ran to Torrid they had the best sales going on I purchased the Black Silvia Riding Boot (Wide Width) they didn't much left to select from in my size :C. But is definately much better than soaking my Nike's in feet deep puddles.

Oh yea Did I tell you It snowed? It snowed , and snowed . And then kept snowing. Of course I would come to New York and than be followed by a blizzard! There are still mountains of snow everywhere, we got snowed in we had to shovel out the car. Got to give kudos to the hubby . Snow is not JOKE!
I survived a blizzard , I've lived in florida about 10 years of my 21 year old life so , I was terrified.

I've been working alot lately In the Makeup artistry world. Had two great shoots in nyc and am planning many more. I put up a wix site with my whole portfolio check it out Melissa Velazquez Mua .


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