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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ambrielle to the rescue!

So remember when I told you I was having A bra dillema. Well Here come Ambrielle to the rescue. These bras are the best. They fit like a glove and are made to keep all your parts inside. As a Full figured women it's very hard to find bras that can lift and keep you from spilling. I tried on every Ambrielle bra that Jcpenny had in stock in my size. (42 DD). I purchased three Ambrielle Bras. The Ambrielle®Woman Shaping Balconet Bra–Defy Gravity (left) This bra offers a sweetheart neckline and has lovely lace details. This is a great T-shirt Bra perfect seamless coverage for any top. It gives you a beautiful look and lifts without spillage! The Ambrielle® Woman Plunge push-up Bra $32.00 Which is the one on the right . This bra can be worn two ways Criss cross and regular. It gives you maximum cleavage without spillage. It comes in Four different colors Including this beautiful lace Pattern! Has Gold accents which give it a touch of fancyness. You will feel secure and sexy in this bra! So I am super happy all of my other bras have gone to Bra Heaven. The best part is that each Ambrielle bra has a matching bottom available for all the ladies that always match :D

FYI: I will soon be posting more OOTD I need a tripod since I have no one to hold my camera for me! Because taping onto a light fixture I have is not good! lol


  1. I actually have a Ambrielle bra,they're really comfortable and I got it on sale for like $14.

  2. I absolutely hate bra shopping. I have found only one bra that holds the girls adequately at LB, and it's still not the most comfortable. I guess at a 46DDD I can't ask for too much. : )

    I also wanted to let you know that I am giving you a blogger award! All the details are on my blog. : )
    Loving The Reflection

  3. Oh my goodness chica you just saved my life. I have to check this out right away. I am a short latina female short like I am 4"10 and full figured. And I am 34 DD to. And that is what adds to my battling of the up and down weight issues. It hurts my back like hell and I just wanna cut them off. I feel like the suffocate me and get in the way of my life lol. But I tell myself to stop complaing because you have woman out there who actually pay thousands to be the size we are. And we have the pleasure in saying that we are all natural. So I have grown to appreciate these melons. But definitely I will be checking out these bras. Thank you so much for posting this review.



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