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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flexees® Fat Free Dressing

Edit: Here is a picture of the actual AD. Make every day FAT-FREE Kill me now! Edit
So Yesterday I went shopping at Jcpenny and In the dressing room I saw a beautifully placed add for Flexees control wear that said FAT FREE DRESSING I said ha ha how cute! Not well talk about false advertising . Flexees I will not be fat free by wearing your control wear and I thought your ad was almost insulting. Especially in the hell of all places for a plus sized women the dressing room! As I look in the mirror I see your perfectly placed ad. How rude... No matter if i stack three of your products on I will not be fat free . I will be putting my fat in jail , in a tight uncomfortable place! Where I can't really breath where I'm uncomfortable and hoping my shirt does not pull up to show your beautiful product to the world.


  1. OMG!!!! I hate that name!! What were they thinking?!?!? Wow :(

  2. Wow!! Did it really say FAT FREE DRESSING!? Horrible!



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