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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Issue: Plastic Surgery Unfatshionable?

So the issue of plastic surgery has been coming into my life . Personally I want it really really bad. I once lost over 100 lbs and the skin it left me with made me gain the 100 lbs so fast, the uneasyness of things hanging off of me was a new feeling for me. I used to fit into my skin , and when I had went from a size 22 to a size 11 , I felt like my skin never caught up. It was horrible and even tho now im in a between state at the moment , I still hate this skin that seems to have stayed although I gained some of the weight back. I rather be plump than look something similar to this puppy here. I know People who decide to get gastric bypass usually also have to follow up with the cosmetic removal of skin. Tummy tucks, Thigh lifts, Arm lifts, Breast lifts, Ect. I was sort of angry at myself and my body for failing for all the time I would work out and no nothing the hanging skin would still be there . I would have rather wore a belly shirt at size 18 then show my arms in a tank top at a size 11 . It truly bothered me. It still haunts me its one of the things that truly makes me self conscious about my body. The horrid arm skin, the skin that guys love to point out and chuckle at , not my piece of pie. I am beginning on my adventures towards weightloss as we speak ... but the amount of skin that my fat hides is truly frightening me. It's like Yay Your a size 11 but your skin is still a size 20. If you see some of the contestants from the biggest loser you can always tell, the fat doesn't leave flawlessly . It leaves its mark on you. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the scars. It's an ever losing battle .



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