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Friday, May 7, 2010

Goals, and Makeup

Well I did good for one whole day! I ate 3 meals on wednesday. Breakfast two boiled eggs, bacon and a side a toast. Lunch Cup of frosted mini wheats. Dinner : Baked chicken mashed potatoes and corn and I even drank two cups of water! Slowly but surely My life is so hectic its crazy how short a day feels for me. Today I will be going and signing up for my gym membership Yay! My main objective is to tone , tone , tone and get my body a tight. Even if I don't end up being a size 3 from doing any of this I'll be happier and much healthier also . I've been super busy with my online store but I will be trying to blog alot more will be purchasing a laptop soon! Blogging on the go! Must do! I'm also going to be altering my blog layout so if my page looks like crap excuse it ! Because it will soon get better!

I also wanted to let you guys into my world a little I am a liscenced Cosmetologist and Make-up artist. I have a passion such a passion for hair and makeup that its truly unexplainable. The face is truly my canvas and the hair frames my art! I love love love going out and working on photoshoots. I've been able to work with great models and photographers. Heres a few pictures of my work.

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  1. Looks like you do some great work :)



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