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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunshine and Dark clothes

So I live in the sunshine state or florida... and spring during 12:00pm and 4:00pm is more like summer in the northern states and it gets hott! The humidity is horrid! So of course I'm a big fan of dark clothes and layering but today my cardigan had me sweating ... so yikes . I'm thinking these pastels are going to be my bestfriend lots of creme,tan,taupe and maybe looking into loosely knit cardigans, because me and sweat are like oil and water. Total dislike! But ... I look at my closet and It's like I've gone to the darkside. I really need to spring up my wardrobe!

By the way the Floral dress in RED is now available I have limited quantities of items so one they are gone they are gone for good (usually) only 19.99 And if you send me a message saying your ordering one! I will give you free shipping! Just wait till i send you an invoice to pay!
I have a 2x starting at .99

My Ebay Store

Monday, March 29, 2010

Floral zipper dress

I only sell things I love in my ebay store. I am in love with this dress it's flattering and it has pockets, and zippers and florals and it doesn't look tacky lol
Dress For sale in my ebay store for 19.99

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ripped jeans Hugging curves

I just recently bought a pair of Torrid jeans and I must admit these are the comfyiest jeans ever! I always have a problem with not buying the right size and the jeans always sagging in all the WRONG places. I suggest always waiting to take the tag off wear em around the house to see if they are too stretchy. In the store they fit perfect but if after a day or running errands they start falling not good. These I found were true to size and did not stretch too much after trying on they were perfect! It makes my booty look great! Lol I don't have much back there so Jeans that accentuate are my fav! I actually love how the skinny jeans look on plus sized women but they must be the right fit, hug the curves not strangle! I feel like most plus sized women buy clothing by size and its all about finding the right fit. Forget the numbers try everything on in the store! Go shopping in dresses easy off easy on!

Thanks to all my followers I feel so popular! I'm all giggly. Lol I'm a nerd...... :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

99 cent Auction

The measurements for the ruffle dress are in 2x :
Chest: 42"
Waist: 36" Elastic band
hips: 58"
length: 37"
I also have it in (not up yet) 1x:
Chest: 40"
Waist: 34" Elastic band
hips: 56
length: 36"

I have these beautiful dresses up for sale starting at 99 cents

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

zippers and more zippers

Zippers and RUFFLES and Lace
I am in love with the exposed zipper trend! I have this cute skirt for sale ruffles plus zippers is love! I also have a pair of lace leggings for sale with a zipper detail at the ankle! adorable. I put together an outfit wearing both items I'm not a very good model so excuse the poses! Yikes... Gosh and I had a bad case of red eye but I semi fixed it on photoshop! Well I'm so excited to have two followers woo hoo <3>

Top: Lace back Torrid top
Leggings: My ebay shop

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Well I've been a chubby girl as long as I can remember, and as long as I've remembered I've felt like it wasn't okay to be that way. I remember growing up trying every diet, every pill, every workout video, trying to get rid of something I don't remember putting on. Well at the age of 16-18 I went from 235 to 145 lbs. I went from being the fat girl to not being the fat girl. I was happy to be thinner to be able to wear clothing I've never worn before to be able to fit in things so easily. Not having to cry in fitting rooms. I'm not sure if you caught Ruby on oprah but she said something along the lines of... you trade the fat in for skin and you trade the skin in for scars... because once you lose the weight the fat leaves its mark. For me it is something that will probably haunt me till the day I die. She is entirely speaking the truth. No matter what, speaking for myself I will never be that skinny girl with the flat stomach wearing short shorts, because i somehow always had a little extra here and there, and due to that I am left with the leftovers of fat. To be honest I'm not sure I will be 100% accepting of my body, but the fat acceptance movement has truly showed me that Hey, I'm fat but I'm a person who deserves to feel good about herself rolls,sags,jiggles and all.

Ruby on Mystyle

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring 2010

Spring 2010
I'm in love. Vintage floral patterns lace and dainty pieces. Love... Glassed over eyes with faint expression... in love.
Dorothy Perkins New Spring Line named Pretty Utility, has got me head over heels! I'm a girly girl and this suits me quite well when I want to play nice. The vintage florals are beautiful this spring. I found the loveliest dress at the salvation army with a beautiful floral print. I am in love I will show a pic of me wearing it as soon as I have a chance to wear it. Its so cute only $4.99 and I didn't want to risk leaving it for 1/2 off day!

Oh and by the way Dorothy Perkins is doing 20% off day dresses!

This is the dress I was speaking about from the salvation army !!

Love Love Love!


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