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Friday, March 26, 2010

Ripped jeans Hugging curves

I just recently bought a pair of Torrid jeans and I must admit these are the comfyiest jeans ever! I always have a problem with not buying the right size and the jeans always sagging in all the WRONG places. I suggest always waiting to take the tag off wear em around the house to see if they are too stretchy. In the store they fit perfect but if after a day or running errands they start falling not good. These I found were true to size and did not stretch too much after trying on they were perfect! It makes my booty look great! Lol I don't have much back there so Jeans that accentuate are my fav! I actually love how the skinny jeans look on plus sized women but they must be the right fit, hug the curves not strangle! I feel like most plus sized women buy clothing by size and its all about finding the right fit. Forget the numbers try everything on in the store! Go shopping in dresses easy off easy on!

Thanks to all my followers I feel so popular! I'm all giggly. Lol I'm a nerd...... :D


  1. These are cute! I'm thinking about a pair of destructive denim...hmm I haven't bought pants from Torrid in a while. It may be time!

  2. I have the lighter washed version of those jeans (I guess) on my wishlist. Glad to hear they turned out great for you Their Black Twill Skinnies are the best!



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