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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The unforgiving romper and the girl that didn't care

So I'm in love with floral print very in love. I'm in love with rompers but these things are so unforgiving! You have to truly love your rolls and be able to accept letting everyone see them so not me. My hubbys birthday is today so he dragged me into rue 21 and I fit into their xl and I was super happy! I actually thought this was a top and I discovered it was a romper in the dressing room! The hubby loved it even though it shows everything . So I decided to get it! I'll just have to deal with the stares and hold my ground those stares will not make these rolls disapeer! :D Honestly I'm very excited to feel this way, very hard thing for me to be happy showing people the rolls :D But like i said complaining is not gonna make them go away either ! So yea I need a better camera or maybe I should start taking pictures during the day !

Rue 21 is my new obsession I got a top for $1 i got like 8 things and only spent $40 dollars!!! They have the cutest accesories too .


  1. I think you look totally adorable! I love the idea of rompers too but I'm not sure about my body actually in one but you look great! We have a Rue 21 here, maybe I'll check it out. Congrats on your carefree day :) Screw what other people think!

  2. I think the romper looks really cute on you.

  3. You are rocking this romper lady... took a gander around your blog... me likey...

  4. You pull off the romper and you look hot- I'm jealous!!

  5. this romper is too cute and it looks great on u! :) i was really drawn to the name of ur blog lolz very cute and catchy!

    - Iza

  6. I absolutely absolutely absolutely love girls like you who are not stick thin, yet know how to dress sexy. I find it an absolute inspiration. It's easy to wear any slag-wear as a skinny girl and get away with it, but for bigger girls, I really respect SO MUCH the ones who are have a good enough eye to dress sexy and still look really good. THat takes skill, and that shows that you're not just pretty, you're intelligent too. Love your blog!



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