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Friday, December 31, 2010

New York City!! I didnt the craziest thing imaginable. In 3 days I got all of my families things and moved to Ny. Without notice ,without thinking. I must say it was the smartest risk I've ever taken in my whole entire life. I have always been babied by my family almost slightly smothered by them. It was always comfortable but I decided to take a leap of faith and go with my gut instincts and there were correct. I am completely In LOVE with NYC !

Guess Plus Size Coat, Hooded Toggle Black 3XThe only problem was that coming from the sunny state of Florida with Florida wardrobe was definately a BAD idea. I got here and noticed immediately that I was going to freeze my bottom. I didn't own a real coat, snow boots, nothing not even a long pair of socks. I had to immediately go shopping for the kids , the hubby and of course myself. I fell in love with a Guess hooded toggle wool coat from Macy's I believe they are sold out but it was so complimentory to my shape . It gave me a more hour glass looking figure. Which is plus ++++ when I am shopping.I belive they are completely sold out I have it in gray not the black. I'll take pics soon Of me wearing it.

I also ran to Torrid they had the best sales going on I purchased the Black Silvia Riding Boot (Wide Width) they didn't much left to select from in my size :C. But is definately much better than soaking my Nike's in feet deep puddles.

Oh yea Did I tell you It snowed? It snowed , and snowed . And then kept snowing. Of course I would come to New York and than be followed by a blizzard! There are still mountains of snow everywhere, we got snowed in we had to shovel out the car. Got to give kudos to the hubby . Snow is not JOKE!
I survived a blizzard , I've lived in florida about 10 years of my 21 year old life so , I was terrified.

I've been working alot lately In the Makeup artistry world. Had two great shoots in nyc and am planning many more. I put up a wix site with my whole portfolio check it out Melissa Velazquez Mua .

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weight Discrimination in the workplace

        I had seen a report a while back on cnn that overweight men and thin women make the most money. Being in the beauty industry I have always felt like weight discrimination is alive and proud in the industry I work in. Working as a cosmetologist in salons has been an up and down battle of holding strong to my self esteem and ignoring the comments of some of the people I've worked with. If its not the constant talk of plastic surgery or the dieting or just the blatently pointing out of my faults its something just as creative. It used to never bother me but now im questioning has my weight affected my career. Its sad to even think that this would cross someones mind but with all the different kinds of discrimination out there why not. I'm sure all of us have felt am I too Fat to be wearing this but has anyont said to themselves am I too Fat to be doing this. From the stand point of someone in the Beauty Industry I personally believe beauty is deeper within a person, but then again I myself am an overweight or shall we say a Fat individual. I grew up hearing the torments of other children, family and strangers. I know what it feels like to walk into a clothing store and know that the pretty lace dress in the corner does not come in my size and I've felt the eyes of the sales person at chanel whos thinking "why is she in here".
        When getting a job for a trade show they usually ask for a resume and a photo of you. What exactly is the photo for I think in my head as I read the requirements for this job. What are the prequisites that must be shown in my photo. Than I think to myself most of these women on stage who are cosmetologists or make-up artists are relatively mostly attractive and young and thin women. I am sure we are probably one of the industries with more attractive people because of course it is the beauty industry, But then I think to myself will I ever be looked over because I will not look as good as the 5' 10 blond on stage . I hope it is not so but I can't help but wonder.

Do you think you've ever been discriminated against because of your weight in the workplace?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Macys Fashion Director

Macys Fashion Director

I love this outfit - check it out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My favorite Holiday... Halloween

Halloween , the holiday where women of all shapes and sizes can decide to dress scary, out of the ordinary or extremely sexy and frolic about the town with no one gawking at them. I love dress up, but it is quite hard to find plus size costumes that fit correctly. Some opt to not dress at all or to make their own halloween costumes from seperate pieces and adding hair and makeup for that extra flare. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays getting to dress up and be someone else for a day, Exciting! I personally love the sexy outfits, Just cuz your plus sized does not mean you can't be sexy. Why not be a plus sized play boy bunny, Marilyn Monroe who was on Playboys first cover was not a single digit sized girl. There are some must have accesories when dressing up for halloween, for costumes that are shorter a petticoat is a must to give your costume a bit of flair. Thigh high fishnets, fishnets, or striped and colorful stockings will add playfulness to any costume. If you never wear false eyelashes pull out a pair and bring out those flirty, mysterious eyes. Torrid has catored to us with beautiful plus sized costumes that are very true to size . Be vary wary when ordering costumes online they are usually not true to size . I know this by experience. I know its only August but October is right around the corner. Costumes can be pretty pricey . Sometimes thrift stores such as goodwill and the salvation army have costumes out during the holidays and they also have plenty of period pieces looking for 70's bell bottoms or 1940's wiggle dresses , or 80's prom dresses you can find plenty of those or maybe even a dead bride ... real wedding dresses can be found at thrift stores for $50 - $60 but a wedding dress costume could probably cost you upwards of $100. So ladies do not be shy Let's get out there on the one day that everyone is allowed to strut their stuff!

Cop Costume

$66 -

French Maid Costume

$66 -

My daughter halloween 2009

Monday, August 9, 2010

We have infiltrated MTV! Congrats to Gabi From YFF on her win for Mtvs first TJ

Congrats to the biggest Fatshion Blogger celebrity Gabi Greggory! Owner one of the best Fatshion blog Or the best in my opinion . She is the winner of Mtv's first TJ contest. She couldn't have done it with all her fans and everyone who voted for her . WE HAVE INFILTRATED MTV ! YES!  Now to get us some chubby girls on the real world next! She worked super hard and she completely deserved it!

Thank you to everyone who voted for her for we are all winners here!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

new hair

New Hair Burgendy red with some highlights you can't really tell due to my camera phone sucking very badly. So guess what I'm hoping to move to chicago within the next few months YAY. I've been wanting to go back to the city for sooo long . Florida is a little small minded especially the orlando/kissimmee area. I LOVE the amount of different people in big cities. The different styles of all the different people, the different colors and textures something you truly don't see here unless you are near AIDT or any of the schools who specialize in fashion design and technology. I would love to be posting every other day but in the middle of moving and just stressing life I've been caught up I hope to make new posts I have recently found a friend who is a photographer which i hope to be shooting with in the next couple of weeks. So hopefully I will have a few more shoots for you guys to see.

I think I'm majorally gaining weight which is not good because I only gain it in the belly and no where else! This was just me on a regular day running errands.
Rue 21: Bibbed top
??? : Ripped jeans
Steve madden : sandals

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing dress up

Has Anyone noticed that Faith 21 is really stepping up their game. They have new arrivals very often and the items seem to be selling out fast When I set my eyes on the black and white contrast dress I had to have it and I was thinking every other girl had to have it also so I bought it immediately! I fell in love with their right angle skirt. Torrid now has a similar one in grey and black which I'm debating on at the moment...  But I love the third dress which is from Faith 21 it has a sweetheart neckline, floral print in a soft color <3 it . Ov course I fell in love with the Torrid lace cut out dress who says a Chubby girl can't show a little stomach. I'm personally all for it!
Dress UPFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

$58 -

$25 -

$59 -

$23 -

$23 -

$64 -

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Big Girl Blues

I know I haven't posted in a while I'm currently suffering from the big girl blues. I deal on and off with depression on the regular . I'm trying to deal with it in the best way I know how, but I tend to cut my self off from the world. I'm trying to get myself to feel better . It's crazy to be sad and not even know why. I'm trying to get back up and start doing some more OOTD trying to work with a new photographer and I will be sending in a photo of myself to the Torrid Model Search . I doubt I'll make it but No hurt in trying!

Probably will post later on tonight Hopefully...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

OOTD Summer Romp

Sorry I've been Gone for so long! Feels like forever But I've been trying to have a more active summer and  by the time I have anytime to rest I'm completely exhausted! I have loads of pics to post and blog about tho : D I completely Missed Torrids $10 off in store sale which ended today big sad face! Grr I really love this romper This is the second time I wear it . I hate showing my arms but ugh its sooo hott and they are not gonna go away but I just might heel over if I wear a cardigan in this weather. The less clothing the better in Humid hott florida! I'm actually one of those people that feel like less clothes the better. I know shockers! You should see the looks I get especially from my mom! Shes always telling me to cover up! I was always the fat girl in the two piece at the pool and even now I don't mind showing my stomach it's there You know its there I know its there , If you don't like it dont look at me! If you think its sickening Don't Look at me! My Hubby likes it when I wear less clothes lol ! Shhh...
Ring : Jc Penny
Shoes: Torrid
Romper: Rue 21
Nails: Sally Hansen Glass Slipper
Earrings: Rue 21
I am totally in love with this ring I bought it from Jc Penny a long time ago and its such a beautiful Ring! I fell in love with this green shade from Sally Hansen! Isn't it lovely. I currently have it on hands and toes.. But for some reason having it on my toes reminds me of a witch or something... I don't know Toe Fungus? Its a fun color though!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beach Time

Beach Time I look hideous But it was like 100 degrees out and It was only me the hubby and the two kids It was our first time at the beach! with both of them! Let me tell you two kids two people beach umbrella cooler and baby accesories big work out! But I had fun We are thinking of going tomorrow I wore my bathing suit with a maxi dress from my ebay store on top I wish I had better pics but it was skorching out there! Happy Weekend !

Friday, June 11, 2010

Outfit of the day

Yesterdays Outfit of the day
Top: Faith 21 woven top
Pants: Faith 21 Hairem Pants
Cardigan: Ana cardigan From Jc Penny
Jewelry:  Betsey Johnsen Shell necklace / Random Pearl Necklace/ Rue 21 Pearl nuckle cluster ring/ Walmart 10k Gold Cameo Ring (one of my favs!) / Pearl hoops from Rue 21
Belt: Unknown... stretch belt

Wore this out doing tons of errands. Yea it was 89 Degrees out but anywhere you step into in Florida is a chilly 70 degrees or lower so I love wearing light cardigans just in case it becomes from burning hot to freezing cold. They say Fat people have built in warmth or what not in my case nope I'm ALWAYS cold! Freezing most of the time even in the summer. I think I'm semi anemic who knows I need a physical asap! I really need to update my blog layout, I need help I think I've forgotten html . I was pretty good at it when I was younger but looking at the layout code has got me frazzeled a bit!

I will also be hosting a contest soon so stay tuned! I have 65 Followers So exciting!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OOTD I Heart The White Stripes

Skirt: Faith 21
Earrings: Ross
Ring + Bangles: Rue 21
Shoes: Steve madden
Top: Rue 21

New Haircut New Color Coming soon! Yay!

One thing I really love about this skirt is that you can pretty much turn it to get a different effect I actually wore this side ways in order to get this pattern on the skirt . I had a serious case of red eye If my eyes look funny! I wore this all around town today! Felt like I looked super cute.

Oh yea dont forget to LIKE me on facebook Its on the right hand corner under followers!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Black Studs Shiny Metal = Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes The 99 Shoe,Shoes for WomenJeffrey Campbell EarnestJeffrey Campbell Exam NS in Black Calf Size 9
Jeffrey Campbell Capone SFD
Jeffrey Campbell

So I am In love with Jeffrey Campbell Shoes! I am a fan of anything black, shiny made of metal or anything with studs. The studded oxford named The Capone is to die for its soo adorable and oxfords are very in this season.   The 99 shoe is to die for and for only $100 ! I love the seamless wedge look!

Open toe boots Sandals what are they! Who cares I'm In love. Jeffrey Campbell goes up to size 12 I believe ! So it's great for the ladies who have a larger foot!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ambrielle to the rescue!

So remember when I told you I was having A bra dillema. Well Here come Ambrielle to the rescue. These bras are the best. They fit like a glove and are made to keep all your parts inside. As a Full figured women it's very hard to find bras that can lift and keep you from spilling. I tried on every Ambrielle bra that Jcpenny had in stock in my size. (42 DD). I purchased three Ambrielle Bras. The Ambrielle®Woman Shaping Balconet Bra–Defy Gravity (left) This bra offers a sweetheart neckline and has lovely lace details. This is a great T-shirt Bra perfect seamless coverage for any top. It gives you a beautiful look and lifts without spillage! The Ambrielle® Woman Plunge push-up Bra $32.00 Which is the one on the right . This bra can be worn two ways Criss cross and regular. It gives you maximum cleavage without spillage. It comes in Four different colors Including this beautiful lace Pattern! Has Gold accents which give it a touch of fancyness. You will feel secure and sexy in this bra! So I am super happy all of my other bras have gone to Bra Heaven. The best part is that each Ambrielle bra has a matching bottom available for all the ladies that always match :D

FYI: I will soon be posting more OOTD I need a tripod since I have no one to hold my camera for me! Because taping onto a light fixture I have is not good! lol

Friday, June 4, 2010 event In Orlando Tonight

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mika-Big girls are beautiful

Mika- Big girls are beautiful

I really love him!

Flexees® Fat Free Dressing

Edit: Here is a picture of the actual AD. Make every day FAT-FREE Kill me now! Edit
So Yesterday I went shopping at Jcpenny and In the dressing room I saw a beautifully placed add for Flexees control wear that said FAT FREE DRESSING I said ha ha how cute! Not well talk about false advertising . Flexees I will not be fat free by wearing your control wear and I thought your ad was almost insulting. Especially in the hell of all places for a plus sized women the dressing room! As I look in the mirror I see your perfectly placed ad. How rude... No matter if i stack three of your products on I will not be fat free . I will be putting my fat in jail , in a tight uncomfortable place! Where I can't really breath where I'm uncomfortable and hoping my shirt does not pull up to show your beautiful product to the world.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video Blog Faith 21 Review Plus Makeup Tutorial

Hey! Sorry I've been gone for so long I'm Trying to perfect this video blogging and video tutorial thing! Well I did a video blog review of some items I got from Faith 21. First review is of the Rose Bloom top woven top $17.80 from Faith 21. I loved the floral pattern and all the colors. I like it but the material doesn't stretch so my boobs were slightly suffocated, but besides that I love the top and it has ruffles in the razer back ! Silken bubble hem skirt $15.80. I loved how this looked on only problem no stretch so when u sit it just pretty much rides all the way up so I'd say make sure to wear something underneath to hide your goodies! Above all I thought I got what I paid for. Truly I am thank ful for faith 21 making trendy plus size clothing very affordable! $15.80 for a skirt can we say hallelujah! Thats pretty much what I spoke about in the video. Pretty much an overview just in case I have any followers who may be hearing impaired :D.

And this is the video tutorial of the makeup Look

Eyes: Mac creme color base nude
Mac eyeshadow Nylon
Mac eyeshadow Sushi Flower
Mac eyeshadow Stars N Rockets
Mac eyeshadow Parfait Amour
Mac glitter liner in.... ill tell you later lol

Thanks for tuning in!


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