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Saturday, July 24, 2010

new hair

New Hair Burgendy red with some highlights you can't really tell due to my camera phone sucking very badly. So guess what I'm hoping to move to chicago within the next few months YAY. I've been wanting to go back to the city for sooo long . Florida is a little small minded especially the orlando/kissimmee area. I LOVE the amount of different people in big cities. The different styles of all the different people, the different colors and textures something you truly don't see here unless you are near AIDT or any of the schools who specialize in fashion design and technology. I would love to be posting every other day but in the middle of moving and just stressing life I've been caught up I hope to make new posts I have recently found a friend who is a photographer which i hope to be shooting with in the next couple of weeks. So hopefully I will have a few more shoots for you guys to see.

I think I'm majorally gaining weight which is not good because I only gain it in the belly and no where else! This was just me on a regular day running errands.
Rue 21: Bibbed top
??? : Ripped jeans
Steve madden : sandals


  1. I like your highlights.

    I've been thinking about dyeing my hair burgundy red for awhile. Did you get it professionally done or did you color it yourself? I've tried many different burgundy reds, but they never turn out the way I want them to. =[

    Anyways, love your jeans mama & congrats on the move. =]

    xo Nicole

  2. Loving the hair!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  3. girl you look amazing! The hair is super fab!

  4. I'm a hair dresser I used Chi's red 6 rv i suggest always getting it professionally done especially if you have colored your hair prior darker or lighter

  5. YAY! Well, I'm planning to relocate myself, but if you move out here before then, we are definitely hanging out girlie! :)

  6. Hey Melly!! I love the hair. Ive got shore curly hair and im strongly considering doing something radical to it soon. Either something reminiscent of early Toni Braxton or a Beyonce i'm not sure just yet. lol and you are a doll that belly will be fine.

  7. I just came by your blog and I love it ;-) Im allready a new follower ;o)



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