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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Well I've been a chubby girl as long as I can remember, and as long as I've remembered I've felt like it wasn't okay to be that way. I remember growing up trying every diet, every pill, every workout video, trying to get rid of something I don't remember putting on. Well at the age of 16-18 I went from 235 to 145 lbs. I went from being the fat girl to not being the fat girl. I was happy to be thinner to be able to wear clothing I've never worn before to be able to fit in things so easily. Not having to cry in fitting rooms. I'm not sure if you caught Ruby on oprah but she said something along the lines of... you trade the fat in for skin and you trade the skin in for scars... because once you lose the weight the fat leaves its mark. For me it is something that will probably haunt me till the day I die. She is entirely speaking the truth. No matter what, speaking for myself I will never be that skinny girl with the flat stomach wearing short shorts, because i somehow always had a little extra here and there, and due to that I am left with the leftovers of fat. To be honest I'm not sure I will be 100% accepting of my body, but the fat acceptance movement has truly showed me that Hey, I'm fat but I'm a person who deserves to feel good about herself rolls,sags,jiggles and all.

Ruby on Mystyle


  1. hmmm... this fat acceptance movement thing is tripping me out. i think all sizes can be beautyful in there own way and its confidence that makes any BODY sexy.

    as a big girl, i know i need to get healthier ... and im trying to get there. but thank God that my Mama taught me well. shes a curvy girl herself and she seriously changes peoples mentalities about fashion. you dont see her size when she dresses ... you just see fashion at its finest, and thats what i wanna emmulate, and thats one of the reasons why i do my blog.

    you're definitely right, you DESERVE to feel good girl! you look great and congrats on ure weight loss!

  2. You hit the nail right on the head.I think every girl,fat or thin,should be able to know their own self worth. Thats what I get out out the fat acceptance blogs. It's not about facilitating an unhealthy lifestyle but more so letting people know that they can be beautiful at any size, regardless of all the people that say otherwise.We first have to be accepting of ourselves before we can expect anyone else to be .

    O and congrats on you weight loss!

  3. Lol thanks too bad I gained it all back that wuz like 3 years ago I didn't keep it up for long. I lost 100 lbs way too quick by the time I was 19 it was all back

  4. I think your story truly resonates with a lot of young curvy girls. It was nice to read your honesty about how losing weight made you feel a little better. I think the most important thing for people to realize is that whether you're are a size 2 or 24, it is important to embrace your body at any size with flaws and all.

  5. I liked you better when u were thicker



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