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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

vote for me to be on the Creative team for the cover of Face ON Magazine!

Vote for me to be on the cover of face on magazine :

I got an OUTFIT OF THE DAY post coming Up im slacking

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photoshoot April 19th, 2011

 I worked on a photoshoot on Tuesday and it went absolutely amazing. The models were great and we got to work with real live horses on a farm . I was definately a little afraid of them at first , but I warmed up to them. These gentle giants are actually more afraid of us tan we are of them. I chose to do a very high fashion editorial look for the makeup . I got the chance to work again with the lovely Leah Divazz she is an absolutely amazing wardrobe stylist If you are in the orlando area and in need of a stylist I highly reccomend her she is absolutely AMAZING! View the video unfortunately I'm not in it because I was behind the camera the whole time

Check it out

Monday, April 11, 2011

Red Hair Trend and Color Blocking



So Red hair is definately in style right now. I'd like to say I think I started the trend but.. I'd only like to . Another hot trend is color blocking where color is strategically placed in order to enhance the hair cut or style . It adds depth and style to an all red do or you can funk it up with lots of different colors. These are very dramatic example but it can be done so the colors are similar just maybe two shades lighter or darker. The ombre hair color has also taken off by storm! Gabi From has a lovely ombre hair color at this very moment. Red naturally compliments my skin tone , since I have green undertones in my skin. Would you dare to go blazing fire engine red?

Diet Time!

So I've decided to get on a diet. I started eating alot healthier starting by just completely cutting out soda I am addicted. I find myself being a very bad under eater . Most people think "Oh shes fat ! She must eat 20 burgers a day!" Well no that's not actually true. Studies show that if you also under eat it can hinder your weight, because it tells your body to store fat in order to prevent starvation. I just miss being active and being able to climb up stairs without sounding like I ran a mile. New York subways made me notice how me and stairs are not very fond of eachother . I've lost over a 100 lbs before and I'm trying to do the same again. I would definately love to weigh between 140-160 I wouldn't be tiny but I'd feel much healthier. I feel that for me losing the weight is not the problem but maintaining it , is the true problem for me.

The current diet I'm trying is the HCG diet. The hcg diet has been all over the news. Its a very strict 800 calorie diet . Low fat Low sodium. Its actually a program. It's only located In Florida and Oklahoma But honestly I've seen it work for many people. So I decided What The Hell, I've done worse to my body.
I started on Thursday, April 7th and I weighed myself today and I lost 7 lbs Yea 7 SEVEN. I felt like a contestant on The Biggest loser! I actually lost 7 lbs I've been following the diet to the T and I haven't felt hungry at all. I have actually Felt much more energetic and satisfied. I feel like eating these small 6 meals really satisfies my appetite but of course part of the program is appetite suppressants. So far I'm satisfied with the program It even has a lifetime maintenance program where they figure out what you can eat and how many calories in order to stay at your goal weight. I even went out on a midnight walk/ jogg and I didn't wimp out on my friend. I'm excited about it and I will definately keep you guys informed about what How I'm Doing!

Transformations Medical weight Loss -
If your in the Florida area or Oklahoma area

I get $15 credit for refferals

Ear wings WINNING!


Aren't they Amazing!
They are being Rereleased on April 13th, 2011
Get yours!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope has Left me....

I held on to hope in my hands feeling it's grooves, knowing it's weight and loving it's feel. At first hope was solid and strong. I worked hard to reinforce it. My arms grew weak under it's weight but I continued to work hard in order to protect and reinforce hope. I kept it far from the vicious, cruel, ignorant and evil. 

As time passed by hope began to change, transforming into a liquid, soft, permeable and slippery. It slipped between my fingers and I wept as it trickled from my hands. It dripped down my body touching every last part as it flowed away from me. 

Hope had left me it had forgotten me. After all I did hope had left me. Hope left me famished and thirsty . My body grew weak, my heart went cold and my mind went mad . Without hope my world is gray and every day is gray .

Hope has left me.

Melissa V copywritten 

Thought I'd share this with all of you Something I wrote a while back when I felt like I'd lost hope. 

Sometimes taking your own advice is much easier to give than to actually take and put into action. Life has definitely thrown many curve balls my way, but I have tried to hold on to hope, to my dreams, to my ambitions. Without the hope of positivity in life , life is bland, without taste or color. I'm a very sensitive and deep person I take most things really personal and I can feel when others are in painful situations. Always since I could remember I'd blow out the candles to my birthday cake and I'd always be wishing for things that really wouldn't benefit me but others. I decided to go back to Florida do to unforeseen circumstances that I'd rather keep private at the moment. I got call backs from all the interviews I went on and leaving New York was very hard to do. It all went and came so quickly , that it still hasn't set in. The difference in ambiance is definitely apparent. 

I just hope that I can Hold on to the positivity

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Slacking On my blogging?

I've been slacking on my blogging :C . Sorry I havent forgotten about you guys. Well New York Has been a really fast place to live. If you like to eat while walking this is the definate place for you.  I've been on the desperate chase for employement. Hopefully I'll be soon to employed. Hoping Mac Cosmetics calls me , I'm in love with the company. For everything they stand for, Viva Glam especially 100% of the sale of Viva Glam goes to the Mac Aids Fund they have raised more than $280 million for a great cause.  Once they let me in I'm never leaving!!!! Muhahhaha Lol (not kidding)
Keep your fingers crossed for me! Please

I went on a bit of a shopping spree at torrid , and then haute cash comes out , don't you hate when that happens.

I visited the Forever 21 Times square store and was disapointed again. I don't know the quality just isn't there for me. It's still like why is your plus size so different than the rest of the items in your store. Just make the regular items in your store available In plus sizes please!!! 
Ignore the Mess!   Top: Burlington Vest: Torrid
Goo goo for GaGa 
I was born this way Baby!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eminent Fash Fashion show

 So The Emminent Fash Fashion show by Larissa Muehleder was a complete success . I was casted for Hair and Makeup For the Fashion show. I fell in love with all her designs perfect for the fashionable princess in us all. I loved the whole collection! She was such a nice person , one of those people that you can see the sincerity from a mile away. I loved where the event was held at the Tribeca Loft on 222 W. 44th St., New York, NY, 10036 it had a bowling alley inside and a restaurant and all kinds of other goodies. It was so amazing especially someone new to New York It was a memoriable night I will remember for a very long time. Hopefully I can go there and take advantage of their $24 all you can bowl night ANY ONE IN NEWYORK . HOLLER lol ! Im in desperate need Friends! lol
What I wore : (Torrid Combat boots / Lace Leggings with zipper from my ebay store (sold ouT)/ Skirt jcpenn/ Top flutter lane bryant (SEASONS ago) / Forever 21 Plus Militery Jacket / betsey johnson crochet earrings / Acrylic heart and bow necklace Hot topic)

Amazing Artist

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pre Fashion week Fashion show Tomorrow Eminent Fash by Larissa Muehleder

One of her designs on Kat de luna
Fashion show at Tribeca loft in Times square

I will be doing makeup for this event come bye and meet me !

Would write more but I'm in the process of cleaning brushes and getting my makeup kit ready!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You gotta WORK!

Top: H&M  Earrings: H&M

Well I had A Job interview on Sunday It went great . I hope I get this job it's at a cosmetics counter and you know doing something you love is definately an amazing feeling. I have my 2nd interview on Friday Yay. I am definately in love with NYC but damn I should have moved in the summer I'm trying to keep from the cold as much as possible I keep getting colds! I cant wait for the warmth to come around!


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