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Monday, April 11, 2011

Diet Time!

So I've decided to get on a diet. I started eating alot healthier starting by just completely cutting out soda I am addicted. I find myself being a very bad under eater . Most people think "Oh shes fat ! She must eat 20 burgers a day!" Well no that's not actually true. Studies show that if you also under eat it can hinder your weight, because it tells your body to store fat in order to prevent starvation. I just miss being active and being able to climb up stairs without sounding like I ran a mile. New York subways made me notice how me and stairs are not very fond of eachother . I've lost over a 100 lbs before and I'm trying to do the same again. I would definately love to weigh between 140-160 I wouldn't be tiny but I'd feel much healthier. I feel that for me losing the weight is not the problem but maintaining it , is the true problem for me.

The current diet I'm trying is the HCG diet. The hcg diet has been all over the news. Its a very strict 800 calorie diet . Low fat Low sodium. Its actually a program. It's only located In Florida and Oklahoma But honestly I've seen it work for many people. So I decided What The Hell, I've done worse to my body.
I started on Thursday, April 7th and I weighed myself today and I lost 7 lbs Yea 7 SEVEN. I felt like a contestant on The Biggest loser! I actually lost 7 lbs I've been following the diet to the T and I haven't felt hungry at all. I have actually Felt much more energetic and satisfied. I feel like eating these small 6 meals really satisfies my appetite but of course part of the program is appetite suppressants. So far I'm satisfied with the program It even has a lifetime maintenance program where they figure out what you can eat and how many calories in order to stay at your goal weight. I even went out on a midnight walk/ jogg and I didn't wimp out on my friend. I'm excited about it and I will definately keep you guys informed about what How I'm Doing!

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