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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope has Left me....

I held on to hope in my hands feeling it's grooves, knowing it's weight and loving it's feel. At first hope was solid and strong. I worked hard to reinforce it. My arms grew weak under it's weight but I continued to work hard in order to protect and reinforce hope. I kept it far from the vicious, cruel, ignorant and evil. 

As time passed by hope began to change, transforming into a liquid, soft, permeable and slippery. It slipped between my fingers and I wept as it trickled from my hands. It dripped down my body touching every last part as it flowed away from me. 

Hope had left me it had forgotten me. After all I did hope had left me. Hope left me famished and thirsty . My body grew weak, my heart went cold and my mind went mad . Without hope my world is gray and every day is gray .

Hope has left me.

Melissa V copywritten 

Thought I'd share this with all of you Something I wrote a while back when I felt like I'd lost hope. 

Sometimes taking your own advice is much easier to give than to actually take and put into action. Life has definitely thrown many curve balls my way, but I have tried to hold on to hope, to my dreams, to my ambitions. Without the hope of positivity in life , life is bland, without taste or color. I'm a very sensitive and deep person I take most things really personal and I can feel when others are in painful situations. Always since I could remember I'd blow out the candles to my birthday cake and I'd always be wishing for things that really wouldn't benefit me but others. I decided to go back to Florida do to unforeseen circumstances that I'd rather keep private at the moment. I got call backs from all the interviews I went on and leaving New York was very hard to do. It all went and came so quickly , that it still hasn't set in. The difference in ambiance is definitely apparent. 

I just hope that I can Hold on to the positivity

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