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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring 2010

Spring 2010
I'm in love. Vintage floral patterns lace and dainty pieces. Love... Glassed over eyes with faint expression... in love.
Dorothy Perkins New Spring Line named Pretty Utility, has got me head over heels! I'm a girly girl and this suits me quite well when I want to play nice. The vintage florals are beautiful this spring. I found the loveliest dress at the salvation army with a beautiful floral print. I am in love I will show a pic of me wearing it as soon as I have a chance to wear it. Its so cute only $4.99 and I didn't want to risk leaving it for 1/2 off day!

Oh and by the way Dorothy Perkins is doing 20% off day dresses!

This is the dress I was speaking about from the salvation army !!

Love Love Love!


  1. thank you for breaking my boredom in this meeting im in ... im being a trouble maker pretending im taking notes in my laptop ... LOL. but HEY GIRL! proud to be ure first follower! thanks for commenting in my blog! cant wait to see more posts from you and yes, i ADORE florals and love what you thrifted!

    love and blessings,

  2. Yay! My first follower!! Woo hoo !! Thanks for the positive feedback! :D



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