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Friday, June 11, 2010

Outfit of the day

Yesterdays Outfit of the day
Top: Faith 21 woven top
Pants: Faith 21 Hairem Pants
Cardigan: Ana cardigan From Jc Penny
Jewelry:  Betsey Johnsen Shell necklace / Random Pearl Necklace/ Rue 21 Pearl nuckle cluster ring/ Walmart 10k Gold Cameo Ring (one of my favs!) / Pearl hoops from Rue 21
Belt: Unknown... stretch belt

Wore this out doing tons of errands. Yea it was 89 Degrees out but anywhere you step into in Florida is a chilly 70 degrees or lower so I love wearing light cardigans just in case it becomes from burning hot to freezing cold. They say Fat people have built in warmth or what not in my case nope I'm ALWAYS cold! Freezing most of the time even in the summer. I think I'm semi anemic who knows I need a physical asap! I really need to update my blog layout, I need help I think I've forgotten html . I was pretty good at it when I was younger but looking at the layout code has got me frazzeled a bit!

I will also be hosting a contest soon so stay tuned! I have 65 Followers So exciting!


  1. I love the ensemble. Why did you block out your face your pretty? I like wearing cardigans too but it's getting too hot out here for them.

  2. Very cute outfit. Florals are HOT this summer.

    fashion DIY @

  3. I blocked out my face cuz i had the wierdest look on my face lol

  4. lovingg the floral girll! :) <3 great outfit! PS. omg i though i was anemic too cuz i lost all this weight in my first year of uni...people were making fun of me...i got tested and doc said i was healthy! :) but i was looking like an anorexic i ate ate ate and now im fabulous like i was before!

    -Sarah M


  5. Hi!:D Cute outfit!:D Thanks for the migraine tip.:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!



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