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Sunday, June 20, 2010

OOTD Summer Romp

Sorry I've been Gone for so long! Feels like forever But I've been trying to have a more active summer and  by the time I have anytime to rest I'm completely exhausted! I have loads of pics to post and blog about tho : D I completely Missed Torrids $10 off in store sale which ended today big sad face! Grr I really love this romper This is the second time I wear it . I hate showing my arms but ugh its sooo hott and they are not gonna go away but I just might heel over if I wear a cardigan in this weather. The less clothing the better in Humid hott florida! I'm actually one of those people that feel like less clothes the better. I know shockers! You should see the looks I get especially from my mom! Shes always telling me to cover up! I was always the fat girl in the two piece at the pool and even now I don't mind showing my stomach it's there You know its there I know its there , If you don't like it dont look at me! If you think its sickening Don't Look at me! My Hubby likes it when I wear less clothes lol ! Shhh...
Ring : Jc Penny
Shoes: Torrid
Romper: Rue 21
Nails: Sally Hansen Glass Slipper
Earrings: Rue 21
I am totally in love with this ring I bought it from Jc Penny a long time ago and its such a beautiful Ring! I fell in love with this green shade from Sally Hansen! Isn't it lovely. I currently have it on hands and toes.. But for some reason having it on my toes reminds me of a witch or something... I don't know Toe Fungus? Its a fun color though!


  1. That romper is so cuteee! I love it.

  2. You look hawt as always! You're gorgeous! And I don't think you're showing too much, it's a romper not a skimpy dress, I think you look cute! <3

  3. That romper is lovely!! Pretty

  4. I love it! I paired my torrid chain belt with my romper too!



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