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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weight Discrimination in the workplace

        I had seen a report a while back on cnn that overweight men and thin women make the most money. Being in the beauty industry I have always felt like weight discrimination is alive and proud in the industry I work in. Working as a cosmetologist in salons has been an up and down battle of holding strong to my self esteem and ignoring the comments of some of the people I've worked with. If its not the constant talk of plastic surgery or the dieting or just the blatently pointing out of my faults its something just as creative. It used to never bother me but now im questioning has my weight affected my career. Its sad to even think that this would cross someones mind but with all the different kinds of discrimination out there why not. I'm sure all of us have felt am I too Fat to be wearing this but has anyont said to themselves am I too Fat to be doing this. From the stand point of someone in the Beauty Industry I personally believe beauty is deeper within a person, but then again I myself am an overweight or shall we say a Fat individual. I grew up hearing the torments of other children, family and strangers. I know what it feels like to walk into a clothing store and know that the pretty lace dress in the corner does not come in my size and I've felt the eyes of the sales person at chanel whos thinking "why is she in here".
        When getting a job for a trade show they usually ask for a resume and a photo of you. What exactly is the photo for I think in my head as I read the requirements for this job. What are the prequisites that must be shown in my photo. Than I think to myself most of these women on stage who are cosmetologists or make-up artists are relatively mostly attractive and young and thin women. I am sure we are probably one of the industries with more attractive people because of course it is the beauty industry, But then I think to myself will I ever be looked over because I will not look as good as the 5' 10 blond on stage . I hope it is not so but I can't help but wonder.

Do you think you've ever been discriminated against because of your weight in the workplace?

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