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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My favorite Holiday... Halloween

Halloween , the holiday where women of all shapes and sizes can decide to dress scary, out of the ordinary or extremely sexy and frolic about the town with no one gawking at them. I love dress up, but it is quite hard to find plus size costumes that fit correctly. Some opt to not dress at all or to make their own halloween costumes from seperate pieces and adding hair and makeup for that extra flare. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays getting to dress up and be someone else for a day, Exciting! I personally love the sexy outfits, Just cuz your plus sized does not mean you can't be sexy. Why not be a plus sized play boy bunny, Marilyn Monroe who was on Playboys first cover was not a single digit sized girl. There are some must have accesories when dressing up for halloween, for costumes that are shorter a petticoat is a must to give your costume a bit of flair. Thigh high fishnets, fishnets, or striped and colorful stockings will add playfulness to any costume. If you never wear false eyelashes pull out a pair and bring out those flirty, mysterious eyes. Torrid has catored to us with beautiful plus sized costumes that are very true to size . Be vary wary when ordering costumes online they are usually not true to size . I know this by experience. I know its only August but October is right around the corner. Costumes can be pretty pricey . Sometimes thrift stores such as goodwill and the salvation army have costumes out during the holidays and they also have plenty of period pieces looking for 70's bell bottoms or 1940's wiggle dresses , or 80's prom dresses you can find plenty of those or maybe even a dead bride ... real wedding dresses can be found at thrift stores for $50 - $60 but a wedding dress costume could probably cost you upwards of $100. So ladies do not be shy Let's get out there on the one day that everyone is allowed to strut their stuff!

Cop Costume

$66 -

French Maid Costume

$66 -

My daughter halloween 2009


  1. Girl I love Halloween!! I wish it came around more often! I was thinking of being more bold this year, and dress up as a bunny hehehe.

    And your daughter is too adorable!!


  2. I love love love Halloween. I get my costumes at every year. Last year I was gypsy Pricess. The website also has naughty out fits for grown up time. just scroll down on the website and click on Plus size :)



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