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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No makeup Ahhh Floral dress

Ugh no makeup I really need a tan! Horrible photoshopping did it pretty quick. I wanted to remove the wall i guess it looks ok! I love this dress I got for my ebay store I just wish it had pockets but i love it
The pics from the photoshoot are not back I'm anxious to see and excited to see at the same time. I'm so self conscious of my arms yucky . My adventures in weight loss have made them lose any amount of firmness.
My May goals at the moment are to
1. Start eating 3 or more times a day.
2. Join a Gym
3. Work out 3-4 times a week.
4. Get a tan asap!
5.Stop drinking SODA , more water
I think one of the hardest things I find in dieting is that I can't find the time to eat 3-6 times a day. I'm so used to eating once a day that its become frustrating trying to eat more than that Yes I know people say fat people eat all day and everything and so forth, but I never eat. I can be up all day and eat a meal at 8pm and never eat again. I also want to start drinking water my kidneys have been hurting and they are begging for water I'm almost 100% sure that I am dehydrated . I barely drink water, I think I have addiction to Soda. I am going to try very hard to drink as much water as possible! Hopefully I can make these things happen! I'm really trying to focus and do the things that are important for me to be healthy it's just been so hard since I usually never have much time for myself!


  1. Love your arms!!! :) Love em!!! Make sure that you are including a good strength training exercise in your routine. I need to join a gym too! I need to stop making excuses. When I'm in the gym, I get addicted and I lose weight fairly easy...but since I've moved, I've not had the money to join one and walking along the lake doesn't do it for me. You've got support from me honey! :) If you need ideas on exercises, let me know!!!

    The dress is cauuuuuute and you look just fine without makeup on! Whoohoo, can't wait to see the pics from your shoot!

  2. I agree with what NikStar said! I need to polish up on those goals too. I think you rock the dress. <3

  3. geat goals hun! and u look amazing in the summer dress! love it! ;-)



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