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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy it's your day!

This is what I'm planning to wear on mommy's day. I just scored the Black crinkle bristol wedge heel (Torrid 39.99) at like 5 am last night I was soo happy They never had size 8 at all and I called every store in my local area and couldn't find it anywear I have the similar one with the tweed heel, I absolutely love them they are sooo comfortable on me. I can wear them around the town and not be dying by the end of the day. I also scored the black ruffle mesh sleeve top when torrid had 1/2 off clearence and I havent worn it yet I will be taking pics. Tomorrow.
May all the mom's of the world have a great day Tomorrow. Enjoy yourselves! Stay safe and keep giving love to the children of the world.
Casual Night Life
Casual Night Life by fatshionlychubby on

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