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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bra... Intervention...

So I'm Having a very big problem with my bras! Ok so I've gotten fitted so many times and I've tried on so many and when I get home.. they never fit correctly what am I doing wrong. If its not spillage, or them just becoming to loose or my boob peeking out from underneath it is the underwire splitting in half and stabbing and pinching me or the underwire coming out of sides and front. I have underwire battle scars. I am a 42" DD and I am having serious bra problems . I'm not sure what to do should I go bra-less... My husband probably wouldnt like that very much or my mom lol but for some reason wearing a bra has become a major problem. I feel like I am putting my boobs in the big house, in a dangerous place, without support, and with the chance of getting poked and stabbed every now an then... I feel bad for my boobs ! Help What am I doing wrong! I need a bra intervention!
By the way this lovely bra is from isn't it lovely! Looks like those boobies are very protected! lol


  1. Hmmm try measuring yourself again or get measure professionally. has good bras and Evans. I need to get re-measured myself, because my boobs are causing havoc too. This is another thing curvy women go through lol...<3

  2. Ashley Stewart carries the best bra i have ever worn. Its Jill Scotts's bra line and I think theyre called the butterfly.. Hazel Grey did a post on it not too long ago.. heres the link to her post:

  3. I bought a blazer at torrid the other day and im totally trying to spike it out!! just like that bra lol...p.s thanks for the comment hun..I am going to shave my head for sure I think it will be dope..and if your itching to do it go for is like makeup..if you dont like it let that shit grow back!! plus my Gesty told me that I can alays clip on hair when I am over the whole look...I think the most annoying part would be letting it grow out.because how would you style it! but he does drag and he told me that clip ons work on short hair...woot woot...I say go for only live once :)

  4. I have that spillage problem sometimes, it's because one of my boobs is really bigger than other so I don't wanna buy my bra too big and there's extra room lol so hence the spillage.

  5. Yea one of mine is larger than the other its pretty common



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